Fun A Community Devoted to the Mission of St. Jude In case you missed it…IT’S ST. JUDE RUNS WEEK!!!! This is a very special week for Greater Peoria. Every year, thousands of runners raise money and run for the kids of St. Jude. It all started with “One Crazy Idea” by a young man named, Michael McCoy, 43 years ago. I have been running for […]
Newest Posts Our Take: We Are Worth Our Value and Time For the past few years, the Real Estate Industry has been making headlines across the country. Everyone has heard the issues surrounding historically low inventory, higher interest rates, how home prices have skyrocketed, and in turn has caused frustration across the board with prospective buyers. The Real Estate Industry scrutiny has brought about positive changes […]
Fun Local Shopping starts with Hidden Gems   Do you ever get tired of buying gift cards that may never be used from national stores? Do you wish for locally owned fun little shops and boutiques to walk into and want to buy something as a gift and something for yourself? We have a few throughout the tri-county area that may be […]
Food YOU HAVE TO EAT! NOT EVERYTHING IS CLOSED ON MONDAYS!!!! WHERE DO YOU EAT ON A MONDAY? We love to frequent locally owned restaurants in the Greater Peoria Area before ever considering a chain restaurant. Don’t get me wrong – salad/bread sticks, fast food chains and cheddar bay biscuits are nice at times however…I like to know that I am supporting someone who lives in […]
Real Estate News Flip The Script! Be Positive in the Real Estate Market!   A Positive Outlook on the Current Real Estate Market In the dynamic world of real estate, the market can often be a rollercoaster ride, with its highs and lows. As potential buyers and sellers navigate through these fluctuations, it’s crucial to maintain a positive outlook and embrace the opportunities that lie within. In this […]
Real Estate News Interest Rates Got Nothing on Peoria: Why Listing Your Home Is a Slam Dunk Right Now! Hey there, Peoria homeowners and house-hunters! It’s your favorite Realtor, ready to spill the tea on the local real estate scene. Buckle up, because today we’re talking about a topic that gets everyone’s heart racing faster than an episode of your favorite reality show: interest rates. Yeah, I said it. But fear not, my friends, […]
Uncategorized LOVING WHERE YOU LIVE I decided to make Peoria my home. I wasn’t born here. Moving at the age of 17 as a freshman in college to attend Bradley University (way back in 1993) was one of the greatest decisions I ever made. Did I think I would make Peoria my home back then? Not at all. Growing up […]
Fun It’s Halloween! Where are the Haunted Houses??? via GIPHY It’s October…if you have not gotten into the Halloween spirit yet, here’s your chance! There are many different Halloween attractions and haunted houses for every palette – some are family friendly and some are a little scarier than others! The Infirmary Bartonville Asylum Open every weekend in October 2021 at 7 pm (weather […]
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Real Estate News Is it Time to Move Up or Make a Lifestyle Change? We always get questions from clients who ask, “Is this a good time to sell our house? Is it a good time to buy?” Our response – It’s always a good time for both because odds are, there are other people asking the same questions you. According to THIS….It’s Time Now. This past year we […]
Food The Cheesiest Place in Town You know the cute neighborhood bars you see in movies or TV shows, that are literally right in the middle of a neighborhood? Looks like a house, but it’s a restaurant-bar? There aren’t that many around anymore. However, there’s one in the middle of Peoria on Loucks Ave that not only has it’s regulars, charm, […]
Real Estate News THE MARKET IS…(FILL IN THE BLANK) Whether you are a Realtor, consumer, or someone who just loves to keep up with Real Estate trends (watching HGTV does not count), you will notice this market is, well, there’s alot of different words: crazy, busy, slowing down, picking up, ridiculous, weird, mind blowing….. For as long as I have been a Realtor (started […]
Food Mondays are for Dining! Why is it, that every time you get a hankering for one of your favorite dishes from one of your favorite local places, you cannot remember if they are open on Mondays????? Many local places are not open Sunday, Monday, or even Tuesdays – with good reason! They are open the other days and need […]
Fun SO MANY THINGS TO DO….. Did you know are so many great things to do during the late summer in the Greater Peoria Area? The past year and a half have brought a lot to a halt – canceled concerts, festivals, downsizing of events, and even closed restaurants. However, this summer has brought more to life (still following CDC guidelines) […]
Fun A STEP BACK IN TIME For anyone who grew up in Peoria or lived in Peoria for a certain amount of time, there are places and stories that were told to you. These were factual and nostalgic, and at times, fun and interesting. If I told you there’s a place in Peoria where you can see and feel all of […]
Real Estate News TIME FOR SPRING CLEANING! If we look at the calendar, we are technically in Spring! The winter weather is thawing out and the warmer temps are coming! It’s also time to take care of a few to-dos around and outside of your home: Clean your gutters. Improper drainage can cause water damage to your home. Check for loose and leaky […]
Real Estate News THIS MARKET IS B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!! We have all seen the housing market go up and down. From the recession in 2008 and a huge spike in 2011, then scaling back a couple years ago… one knew what 2020 would bring. Fast forward to today. How is our local housing market? One word: BANANAS. You go into a home the first […]
Food Local Heavenly Popcorn Have you heard of Young’s Popcorn Heaven? If you have not, you are missing out! They moved from a teeny location on Sterling to the old Becks’ Florist location on Lake Street in Peoria. Much bigger space for you to walk around and think about how much popcorn you would like to order. The minute […]
Real Estate News Stats can be a good thing! Back in college, the word statistics made me bored and quite blah. However, nowadays – when it comes to local Real Estate statistics, we get excited!!!!!!! This past week (January 31 – February 6), there were: 132 NEW LISTINGS – 30% UP FROM THE WEEK BEFORE! We are still low on inventory however, this helps. […]
Food Jonah’s Seafood House, Oyster Bar, and Market Last year, I remember a colleague of mine was in town and we were trying to decide where to go to dinner. She is originally from Alabama and LOVES seafood. I recommended Jonah’s Oyster Bar since it was close to the hotel. She was hesitant to get oysters at a place that was right on […]
Real Estate News Expertise Matters – Adapting and Thriving in 2021 2020 taught Realtors many lessons especially how to adapt with how we showed homes, held Open Houses, and getting your home ready to sell. Before the pandemic, a virtual showing was not as popular as an in-person home showing for us. Open Houses were always in person with no protocols in place unless the host […]