Food August 19, 2021

The Cheesiest Place in Town

You know the cute neighborhood bars you see in movies or TV shows, that are literally right in the middle of a neighborhood? Looks like a house, but it’s a restaurant-bar? There aren’t that many around anymore. However, there’s one in the middle of Peoria on Loucks Ave that not only has it’s regulars, charm, old school signage, friendly bartender, the big bell that is sometimes rung for free drink tokens… has a famous staple – CHEESE.

Welcome to Castle’s Patio Inn.

It’s as local as you can get! It had been owned by the same family for years until recently. The new ownership is cranking out those tubs of cheese like nobody’s business. They have a menu for dinner, nightly drink specials (for example Tito Tuesday’s), and weeknight dinner specials: Soul Food Sunday, Meat Loaf Monday, Taco Tuesday…

It has always been a great place to go. Why don’t you stop by and check it out for yourself? Who knows….they may ring the bell for you.

Castle’s Patio Inn