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By The Suzanne Miller Team | Jun 24, 2024

WHERE DO YOU EAT ON A MONDAY? We love to frequent locally owned restaurants in the Greater Peoria Area before ever considering a chain restaurant. Don’t get me wrong – salad/bread sticks, fast food chains and cheddar bay biscuits are nice at times however…I like to know that I am supporting someone who lives in […]

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The Cheesiest Place in Town

By The Suzanne Miller Team | Aug 19, 2021

You know the cute neighborhood bars you see in movies or TV shows, that are literally right in the middle of a neighborhood? Looks like a house, but it’s a restaurant-bar? There aren’t that many around anymore. However, there’s one in the middle of Peoria on Loucks Ave that not only has it’s regulars, charm, […]

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Mondays are for Dining!

By The Suzanne Miller Team | Aug 9, 2021

Why is it, that every time you get a hankering for one of your favorite dishes from one of your favorite local places, you cannot remember if they are open on Mondays????? Many local places are not open Sunday, Monday, or even Tuesdays – with good reason! They are open the other days and need […]

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Local Heavenly Popcorn

By The Suzanne Miller Team | Feb 17, 2021

Have you heard of Young’s Popcorn Heaven? If you have not, you are missing out! They moved from a teeny location on Sterling to the old Becks’ Florist location on Lake Street in Peoria. Much bigger space for you to walk around and think about how much popcorn you would like to order. The minute […]

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Jonah’s Seafood House, Oyster Bar, and Market

By The Suzanne Miller Team | Feb 3, 2021

Last year, I remember a colleague of mine was in town and we were trying to decide where to go to dinner. She is originally from Alabama and LOVES seafood. I recommended Jonah’s Oyster Bar since it was close to the hotel. She was hesitant to get oysters at a place that was right on […]

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Amazing Greek cuisine will make you say OPA!!!!!!

By The Suzanne Miller Team | Jan 10, 2021

If you’re anything like our family, the age old question of “What’s For Dinner?” is usually a given response of “I don’t know, What are you thinking, or even I’m not hungry”. Since we have been trying not to duplicate where we order carry out, we always seem to agree on a few places. Tonight’s […]

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Carry Out Challenge

By The Suzanne Miller Team | Dec 17, 2020

It’s been tough for our local restaurants this past year. With some having to close, some choosing to temporary close – we can still help and do what we can! Until tomorrow night, participate in the #CARRYOUTCHALLENGE. Purchase gift cards to be used at a later date or get dinner for your family. Do what […]

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Farm to Table dining…The Fried Green Tomato BLT

By The Suzanne Miller Team | Dec 9, 2020

Odds are, if you have eaten at Hearth, you have heard how they shop at the local Farmer’s Market for the best produce. It’s apparent in their Fried Green Tomato BLT which is a seasonal special item offered. It is UNBELIEVABLE. The atmosphere is quiet and cozy as where you can have a nice glass […]

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Did somebody say sushi?

By The Suzanne Miller Team | Dec 7, 2020

If anything can play in Peoria, it’s the sushi at Sushigawa….made to order, fresh pieces of sushi whether raw or tempura….other dishes offered. One cannot describe the decadence of this food. It’s amazing….. Sushi Gawa

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