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Newest Posts Our Take: We Are Worth Our Value and Time For the past few years, the Real Estate Industry has been making headlines across the country. Everyone has heard the issues surrounding historically low inventory, higher interest rates, how home prices have skyrocketed, and in turn has caused frustration across the board with prospective buyers. The Real Estate Industry scrutiny has brought about positive changes […]
Real Estate News Flip The Script! Be Positive in the Real Estate Market!   A Positive Outlook on the Current Real Estate Market In the dynamic world of real estate, the market can often be a rollercoaster ride, with its highs and lows. As potential buyers and sellers navigate through these fluctuations, it’s crucial to maintain a positive outlook and embrace the opportunities that lie within. In this […]
Real Estate News Interest Rates Got Nothing on Peoria: Why Listing Your Home Is a Slam Dunk Right Now! Hey there, Peoria homeowners and house-hunters! It’s your favorite Realtor, ready to spill the tea on the local real estate scene. Buckle up, because today we’re talking about a topic that gets everyone’s heart racing faster than an episode of your favorite reality show: interest rates. Yeah, I said it. But fear not, my friends, […]
Real Estate News Is it Time to Move Up or Make a Lifestyle Change? We always get questions from clients who ask, “Is this a good time to sell our house? Is it a good time to buy?” Our response – It’s always a good time for both because odds are, there are other people asking the same questions you. According to THIS….It’s Time Now. This past year we […]
Real Estate News THE MARKET IS…(FILL IN THE BLANK) Whether you are a Realtor, consumer, or someone who just loves to keep up with Real Estate trends (watching HGTV does not count), you will notice this market is, well, there’s alot of different words: crazy, busy, slowing down, picking up, ridiculous, weird, mind blowing….. For as long as I have been a Realtor (started […]
Real Estate News TIME FOR SPRING CLEANING! If we look at the calendar, we are technically in Spring! The winter weather is thawing out and the warmer temps are coming! It’s also time to take care of a few to-dos around and outside of your home: Clean your gutters.¬†Improper drainage can cause water damage to your home. Check for loose and leaky […]
Real Estate News THIS MARKET IS B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!! We have all seen the housing market go up and down. From the recession in 2008 and a huge spike in 2011, then scaling back a couple years ago… one knew what 2020 would bring. Fast forward to today. How is our local housing market? One word: BANANAS. You go into a home the first […]
Real Estate News Stats can be a good thing! Back in college, the word statistics made me bored and quite blah. However, nowadays – when it comes to local Real Estate statistics, we get excited!!!!!!! This past week (January 31 – February 6), there were: 132 NEW LISTINGS – 30% UP FROM THE WEEK BEFORE! We are still low on inventory however, this helps. […]
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Real Estate News Expertise Matters – Adapting and Thriving in 2021 2020 taught Realtors many lessons especially how to adapt with how we showed homes, held Open Houses, and getting your home ready to sell. Before the pandemic, a virtual showing was not as popular as an in-person home showing for us. Open Houses were always in person with no protocols in place unless the host […]
Real Estate News Once Upon a Time….. Once upon a time, in a market not too far away, the was a land of more inventory than buyers. More sellers had their homes on market than buyers who were looking. Fast forward to Present Day. We have many buyers looking for their new home and not enough inventor for them to choose from. […]
Real Estate News Relocating out of the area or into the area. We’ve Got You Covered. The New Oxford Dictionary defines Relocation as: the act of moving to a new place and establishing one’s home or business there.¬†Our version of Relocation is a lot longer and more in depth however, here’s the Cliff’s Notes Version. The Suzanne Miller Team knows relocation – whether moving into the area or out of the […]
Real Estate News Cheers to a Great Year! Typically when we mention 2020 – many not so great things happened as Covid took over. Our industry was unsure how this would go. However, when it came to Real Estate, it exploded. We saw the lowest interest rates in history. There were more buyers than inventory. Some of our buyers said it was being […]
Real Estate News The Market is still hot… 20 degree temps Usually this time of year, our market is slowing down. People are getting ready for the holidays and family time, company parties, vacations….Usually, right? We had a very interesting and not-so-typical year of a Real Estate boom due to Covid. We had more buyers than sellers. Not enough inventory for what the need was. Was […]
Real Estate News A NEW NORMAL FOR REAL ESTATE….. Thank you for checking out our website! We are The Suzanne Miller Team – Jim Maloof Realtor. We are a collaboration of 35 years Real Estate experience, crazy stories of what has happened in this market, what is happening….we could write a book! From Left to Right: Lindsay Nevells, Andy Miller, Suzanne Miller, Brenda Young-Legaspi […]