Fun April 19, 2021


For anyone who grew up in Peoria or lived in Peoria for a certain amount of time, there are places and stories that were told to you. These were factual and nostalgic, and at times, fun and interesting. If I told you there’s a place in Peoria where you can see and feel all of this and purchase for your own, would you believe me?

Well….guess what? There is.

Urban Artifacts is  literally a treasure of all amazing Peoria, Illinois finds from the classic vinyl, vintage Ts, coveted street signs, glassware, stickers, coveralls, to the signage of your favorite diners and the Frisch’s Big Boy. Bigger than it looks from the street, it’s a lot of square footage of Memory Lane that that keep you occupied for more than a browse around. Do yourself a favor and visit. The owners are so kind and helpful. They travel all over to find these gems. If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to have a chat with them and hear the stories that make Urban Artifacts what it is.

Urban Artifacts