Real Estate News March 10, 2021


We have all seen the housing market go up and down. From the recession in 2008 and a huge spike in 2011, then scaling back a couple years ago… one knew what 2020 would bring.

Fast forward to today.

How is our local housing market? One word: BANANAS. You go into a home the first time to view – the buyer should prepare to write that offer before someone else gets in. If they decide to wait, there is a good chance it will be gone. This happened to many of our buyers as well as many others who are searching for a home. Throw in multiple offer situations and highest/best….it’s great for sellers and hell for buyers.

Recommendations? Here’s a few from us:

When viewing a property, make sure all the decision makers are there for that showing. It’s could be the only viewing you will have.

If you are viewing a property virtually, make sure your Realtor is pointing out every angle, corner, and element of that home.

If you have been thinking of putting your house on market, do it. Our inventory is so low and we need properties. Buyers are waiting.

Do we know how long this craziness will last? Not really however, it won’t stop us Realtors from helping our clients find their next home or from our helping our sellers make the best decision. #ThatsWhoWeR