Uncategorized January 26, 2022


I decided to make Peoria my home. I wasn’t born here.

Moving at the age of 17 as a freshman in college to attend Bradley University (way back in 1993) was one of the greatest decisions I ever made. Did I think I would make Peoria my home back then? Not at all. Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, I always thought I would end up in a large city, full of endless places to explore. Life led to many decisions that took me back to Louisville after graduation then back to Peoria. I met who would be my husband, through my best friend, and so many friends who made the decision to make Peoria my home. It was when I moved back to Peoria at the age of 22, that I really saw how amazing a city this was. Living in “The Bradley Bubble”, you are a college student who stays within the confines of walking distance of the campus, grocery, somewhere to eat, and where the bars are… The first time I went out amongst The Bubble, I saw locally owned places and an extended places to explore.

I think about this when we are given the chance to be Tour Guides to new clients as they consider Peoria their new place to call home. We know you can look up anything on the internet. However, what you cannot look up this: if you have never been to our city, you may be told by those who live here what their favorite past times are and what you may find. The love of local is strong and taken very seriously. Working in Relocation, we have met so many people who have similar stories to me. Some move here for a new job that may keep them here for a few years or indefinitely. They are new to town for just a bit until they feel ready to make this home.

I’m 46 years old now and think of myself as a “Transplanted Local” – someone who moved here and made Peoria their home. I feel like I am in good company – between the clients we have helped and friends we have made, there are so many of us who truly love where we live. Our community has doubled in amazing things to see and do making it a great decision for anyone who would like be a part of our beautiful city and call Peoria home.