Real Estate News July 10, 2020


Thank you for checking out our website! We are The Suzanne Miller Team – Jim Maloof Realtor. We are a collaboration of 35 years Real Estate experience, crazy stories of what has happened in this market, what is happening….we could write a book!

From Left to Right: Lindsay Nevells, Andy Miller, Suzanne Miller, Brenda Young-Legaspi

The past few months have brought an interesting change to our industry, which brings more change to how we help our clients – whether buyers or sellers. You can call it a “new normal” if you’d like. We don’t know what to call it. With inventory being the lowest we have seen in years, homes are selling quick! there are some that may stay on market longer however that’s the way the market works.

We are grateful for the opportunity to do what we do best: Being a trusted advisor and Ambassador of our community. I am the only one in our group who did not grow up in Peoria. I came here to go to Bradley University, moved back to Louisville for a hot second and decided – let’s move back to Peoria! I came here knowing two people back in 1993. Being away those few months, made me realize I wanted to make my life here….and that’s what I did.

The Greater Peoria Market is larger than just Peoria. There are beautiful towns that surround Peoria to make it an over 350,000 people.

We love it here. We love living here and making it a great place for our family, friends, clients, and community. There is so much to do! Here’s a peek…..

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts from our team. We are working on a couple fun things to help YOU with what’s going on locally as well as relocation tips and ideas for your home. We welcome any recommendations and conversation (as long as it’s family friendly and kind)!

Until next time, stay well and healthy. Cheers to you!